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See You Next Tuesday
Blue Room Theatre

I haven’t seen a theatre performance since my drama days in high school so I was fanging to be sucked into the world of theatre.

Walking into The Blue Room Theatre in itself was an experience. Tickets were red slap bands you wore on your wrist, they had a toastie and beer special at the bar and you could sit outside looking over the city streets.

It was a very intimate experience, someone rang a bell to let you know it was show time, there was only a small seating area, it was very cosy.

The performance had already began as we made our way to our seats as the three girls who played Evie, Caitlin McFeat, Ramiah Alcantara and Tess Metcalf, danced around the stage in Evie’s bedroom.

See You Next Tuesday is about 17-year old Evie who loves algebra, hates it when people skip foreplay, and never sleeps with the same guy twice. It’s a comedy born from all the things that Dolly Doctor never taught you, SYNT is hot off the press and bursting with attitude. Sex, drugs ‘n’ fractions; it’s girl-talk on a whole new level.

Without giving too much away, Evie has three different personalities that help her make her boy decisions, an anxious one, a careless one and one that is simply just boy obsessed.

It follows her day to day life with her strict Mum who works shifts, her 12-year old brother who loves his Nintendo switch and her love for finding a boy that can make her cum.

Throughout the performance there are some pretty funny jokes that are definitely directed to the Perth audience and some directed to the younger target audience.

If you were a teenager not too long ago and can relate to sneaking out for hook ups, stressing over how long to wait to text back or even just being horny 24/7 then I highly recommend you check this performance out!

It’s funny, witty and keeps you glued as it takes you on directions you didn’t think it would. Make sure you grab a ticket and check it out, showing at the Blue Room Theatre until the 6th of July.

Go along and support some great local talent.

See You Next Tuesday is playing at the Blue Room Theatre until 6 July.  Get more information and tickets here.

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