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Aunty Norah Gig Explorer Fairbridge
Aunty Norah Gig Explorer Fairbridge

Dear Aunty Norah

I’m heading to Fairbridge Festival this weekend and I have a dilemma.  There’s too much talent and not enough time.  How does one choose who to go and see?




Dear Norman

I’m guessing that this may be your first time going to a festival?  If so, deciding who to see and who not to see may quickly become the least of your worries.  If you’re camping, make sure you bring enough of the right sort of supplies with you.  If I were you, I’d ditch that extra case of Chardonnay for some more toilet paper.  You can never have enough toilet paper at a festival.  Granted, there often aren’t enough places to put your toilet paper to its intended use, but you can’t use it if you don’t bring it.  Trust me, when you’re in the grips of a bowel emergency, because those spicy beans you had last night were just a little bit more exotic than your insides would have liked, and all you’re clutching is the cardboard tube from inside your last toilet roll as you wait in line at the portaloos, all thoughts of missing out on that awesome grown-up Scottish folk-rock band advertised on the festival website will evaporate faster than you can say salmonella.

Love your work


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