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Aunty Norah Gig Explorer
Aunty Norah Gig Explorer

Dear Norah

People keep seeing me for who they think I am, rather than who I know am.  I know looks can be deceptive, but I’d love just once to actually be seen.



Dear Andrea

I’m sure it doesn’t help a bit right now, but the only person who will ever count when it comes to seeing you as exactly who you are is you.  Learn to trust who you are and never stop learning about yourself.  Be authentic, be true to yourself and, if people don’t get it, that’s OK.  We all want to be understood and, sometimes, the world just doesn’t get us.  The best way you can help others is to be curious about each individual who comes your way, be open to knowing them and their story and try not to judge.  Leave that sort of shit to your Aunty Norah!

Yours, Norah

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